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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thanks For Ruining My Poo, Beyonce


I was just perched on the toilet, trying my upmost to deliver a nice poop, when from from the living room a stupid wailing bitch warbles, "I got your slippers, your dinner, your dessert, and so much more. Anything you want - just let me cater to you".

What. The. Hell.

Fat Beyonce and friends have seemingly chucked away their notions of pseudo-feminism in the forms of songs like Independent Woman and Survivor, and instead have decided that man-worshipping, women-hating trash is the next fashionable bandwagan they are going to jump on.

The lyrics for 'Cater 2 U make me feel physically sick. There are simply no words to describe.

Just know this, Beyonce friggin' Knowles : I secretly hope one of your animal fur scarves comes back to life and strangles you in your sleep. Bitch.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quick Update Because I Need A Wee

I met Matt up town today on his lunch and bought him a *shh*macdonalds*shh*. I feel bad. I always do. But it was only a Happy Meal...

I also purchased a couple of DVDs and a gift for Matt's mom's birthday. So I am all sorted.

Rachael is out with me to the Haygate tonight, so that should be fun.

Maggie is off on a random bender today. Answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My new camera came today. I say camera.... it's not that great really. After all, it doesn't even have a flash! But I didn't expect much more for £20 (Okay, I did expect it to have a flash. I thought every camera came with a bloody flash... *grumble*) Oh well. It takes pictures, therefore it is fine.

Plus, it enables me to participate within the global obsession of whoring myself out on the internet! Hurrah! .... Okay, so the quality is a bit shite and it barely looks digital at all, but...but... Okay. I have no excuse for buying cheap tat. I am just a stingy bugger.

Cam Whore Pic No. 1

Monday, June 27, 2005

Oi! Fatties - No!

We went to Tesco today and - for once - didn't manage to spend squillions and squillions. Hmm. I reckon they pump something through the ventilation system in that place, because it is unnatural to hold a desire to spend so damn much there.

Scabby-but-you-secretly-kinda-shop-there clothing chain Matalan aka Mataland aka Fataland, is seriously getting on my goat with its bizarre sizing. It's for the fatties. The fatties. And they stretch out the clothes on stupid hangers so that they're huuuuuuuge. No doubt to make the aforementioned fatties feel better about themselves. Not good for me though, as a stretched-out-on-stupid-hanger size 8 skirt falls down my hips. Grrr. Fataland : sort it out.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bugger Off, Mr. Cruise

Last night was a bit meh, but oh well - get over it I shall. Ray's going to come along to the Haygate on Wenesday with me, so that should be a bit fun. I can see her fitting in with that crowd - more so than I, at least.

Today is Manic Cleaning Day, as this house is a bombsite and needs to be sorted ASAP. Bleurgh. I blame Maggie (who is too cute for words)! It stinks of kittie downstairs as she's had to stay in this past week.

I am so fed up of god damn Tom Cruise that it is unbelievable. Why is he incapable of shutting the hell up? He is a pompous, arrogant, so-far-back-in-the-closet-he's-in-bloody-Narnia, publicity-seeking, Scientology-psychotic maniac. Someone needs to put a stop to this madness, promto.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


This world is a horrible, horrible place at times. (Warning: disturbing article)

We all feel the anger and hatred towards paedophiles, but what about the thousands and thousands of those lost children, subjected to living in depraved prisons and unimaginable conditions? It is almost impossible to fathom that this actually happens.

Those who work on eliminating such cases are incredibly strong people. Reading that article almost made me cry.

I feel sick to my stomach.

One Of Those Days

I can just feel that this is going to be one of those days.

It looks like I'm going to be alone tonight in Wolverhampton. So, yeah - that's going to be a barrel of laughs.

I always say "That's it. I'm not bothering with people anymore", yet I still seem to fall back into the trap. Why bother giving people advice and helping them out with their problems, when they just piss all over you anyway? Being popular and collecting friends is clearly more important to some people than being there for the ones who have been there for them.

Bah. So, that didn't start my day off very well, but then I got a note from the postwoman saying that my digital camera was at the Sorting Office. Oh thank god, I thought, at least that'll give me somthing to feel better about. But then we get to the bloody place and it is CLOSED. You have an hour to collect your package and then it closes at noon. What a god damn crock.

I can just see this day getting worse and worse.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Goodbye to New College



Although, at the same time:


I will miss college. I'll miss waiting on Trench Road for the old number 55 bus and praying that the driver won't be the one with BO so bad that it smells like ROTTING HELL. I'll miss trundling up the A Block stairs. I'll miss the surprising amount of fun that Thursday morning Film Studies was. I'll miss those people that I never really spoke to, but wish that I had. I'll miss the grafitti in the girls' toilets. Hell, I'll even miss the swearing schoolkids on the bus home.

Well, perhaps not the last one.

But I will miss you, New College Telford!

But now - onto pastures new, new windows opportunities, new chances to stay in bed until 2pm, etc etc.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

And I Drive To Work Every Morning

I've just returned from my Film Studies exam and I think (read: hope) it went okay. The questions were pretty horrible ('Explain how the shock of a shocking film can increase on second or third viewings as opposed to lessening...' Ick.), but I'm pretty sure that I managed to get enough opinions and infoormed-points in to blag a decent grade. Getting an A would be fantastic, but a B is what I think I will get. Not that I'm complaining.

So just the critical research exam tomorrow for Media Studies and then .... finished! No more A-Levels. No more college.

Will have to get a job - oh no!

It's not that I don't want to work - I don't mind work at all - I just don't particularly want to have to deal with the Cretins Of Telford. I'm pretty sure that spending hours upon hours locked in that god damn town centre will drive me to a) suicide or b) homicide. Only time will tell.

Come In, Come In

So, I'm bored with livejournal already and decided that, since I already have a blog on blogspot, then I may as well make another one here too. The other one is more ranty, feminist-y and issues-based, whereas this one will be more personal. Easy.

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