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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bugger Off, Mr. Cruise

Last night was a bit meh, but oh well - get over it I shall. Ray's going to come along to the Haygate on Wenesday with me, so that should be a bit fun. I can see her fitting in with that crowd - more so than I, at least.

Today is Manic Cleaning Day, as this house is a bombsite and needs to be sorted ASAP. Bleurgh. I blame Maggie (who is too cute for words)! It stinks of kittie downstairs as she's had to stay in this past week.

I am so fed up of god damn Tom Cruise that it is unbelievable. Why is he incapable of shutting the hell up? He is a pompous, arrogant, so-far-back-in-the-closet-he's-in-bloody-Narnia, publicity-seeking, Scientology-psychotic maniac. Someone needs to put a stop to this madness, promto.


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