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Monday, June 27, 2005

Oi! Fatties - No!

We went to Tesco today and - for once - didn't manage to spend squillions and squillions. Hmm. I reckon they pump something through the ventilation system in that place, because it is unnatural to hold a desire to spend so damn much there.

Scabby-but-you-secretly-kinda-shop-there clothing chain Matalan aka Mataland aka Fataland, is seriously getting on my goat with its bizarre sizing. It's for the fatties. The fatties. And they stretch out the clothes on stupid hangers so that they're huuuuuuuge. No doubt to make the aforementioned fatties feel better about themselves. Not good for me though, as a stretched-out-on-stupid-hanger size 8 skirt falls down my hips. Grrr. Fataland : sort it out.


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