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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Holiday In Scotland

Well, after a week's absence, I have returned from Eyemouth in lovely Scotland (not that anybody reads this to even notice I'm gone, anyway *sniff*).

I successfully managed to spend ALL of the money I had been saving in my box for the past six months, and I'm glad that I did. Overall, the holiday was great; loads to do, lots bought and tonnes of memories made. The cottage itself was lovely and we just did not want to leave.

On one of the first few days, we visited Banburgh Castle which was just stunning.
The castle itself was full of beautiful antiques and bits-and-bobbery - all the traditional castle stuff like suits of armour, paintings, swords, etc that never seemed to have been in any of the previous castles I've visited.
On the same day we went over to Lindisfarne, which is a tidal island connected to the mainland by a causeway. Twice a day it's cut off by the tide, forming it into a completely solitary island. Anyway, that was nice to walk around, even though it cost £3.60 to walk around a crappy little church ruin... (which, needless to say, we did not pay)

Matt and I successfully managed to not get on each other's tits throughout the week. Good news, of course. He even finally bought me the Random Gift that I had been complaining about for so long.
On another day we headed down to a Honey Farm (curse you, Pot-a-Doodle-Doo!) which was surprisingly great fun. They had a Cafe-Bus. A CAFE-BUS, people. As well as a 'vintage vehicle museum', which - to be honest - just really consisted of some old cars and junk in somebody's back yard, but that doesn't mean to say it still wasn't fun.

We especially enjoyed the double-decker London bus. For some reason, it was amazingly exciting to go inside it, even though getting the number 33 Arriva bus to Telford Town Centre is hardly the same mind-boggingly joyous experience.
On the next day we went to Edinburgh, which was my highlight of the entire holiday. We paid a visit to the Dungeon, which was insane and fun and did a little shopping. It then started to rain rain rain and me and Matt had to basically run through the streets of Edinburgh chasing a bus (me and flip flops - of course, never in prepared attire).

All in all, it was a great week. Add in random memories of Cliff Richard, Big Davey Bop, rabbits, the Fat Man, boom bats, etc - and there it all is.


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