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Saturday, July 09, 2005

One Bloody Eye

Yesterday, I found a one-eyed frog in the garden.

Our seemingly crappy little pond has turned out to be quite the ecosystem of late and so I was frog-watching, when this little guy sitting on a lily pad caught my attention. Now usually when I find a frog they tend to jump away when I get closer or inadvertedly make a noise or movement, but this froggie-woggie just stayed still. So, I got a bit closer to investigate, when I saw that - by golly, Miss Molly - he only had ONE eye!

For some reason, this absolutely fascinated me and I proceeded to snap away with my famously shite camera (no flash! peh!).
Sadly, the photos did not quite capture my bizarre disabled buddy in his full glory, but this is the best I could do:

Then, when researching one-eyed frogs (good god, I need to get out more), I discovered that the story of another similarly cyclopian frog had made the news in Wisconsin in 2003.

Oh, imagine the media frenzy if I, too, were to call the local newspapers about my special find! The money! The glory! The revenue from froggie's own bloody annoying ring tone! But, luckily, I respect the privacy of my mono-eyed chum far too much to take advantage in such a manner. But oh! Imagine the fame...

NB: Ms. Violet is slowly losing her mind. She needs friends, hobbies, to get out more and to stay away from deformed amphibians.


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