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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


My camera is so unreliable, I don't even know if I will take it to Scotland with me. Well, I retract that, I probably will take it but as well as a backup throwaway one too. The quality I can live with, but the thing that most pisses me off is the fact that it doesn't photograph what I see in the viewfinder - it seems to cut most off. Perhaps it is my eyes or the fact that it is simply a cheap pile of crap, but it is quite inconvenient.

Not so great if I plan on capturing Nessie, then.

Here are some that managed to come out not-too-bad today:

Good ol' Polly striking her usual rabbitesque pose.

The obligatory flower shot.

He loves it.

Finally, Moggie and my feet. Oh yes. You want us.


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