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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Swiss Family Robinson - it ain't right

I'm watching Disney's 1960 family 'frolic' Swiss Family Robinson on BBC1 and the political incorrectness of it all is disturbing me.

Blah blah blah, deserted island, shipwrecked, pirates, riding ostriches, etc - you get the jist (Oh god. The animal cruelty. A monkey riding a rotweiller. A rotweiller. Also the aforementioned ostrich riding, plus many more cruel scenes that would have no doubt been hilarious, gosh darn it, in 1960 but just not so now. Walt, it's just not right.)

But my main problem is the sexual tension between two of the Robinson brothers and a girl. Now, I am just guessing at the ages of the brothers but I reckon the youngest is supposedly sixteen and the oldest perhaps in his early twenties. On their way to New Guinea, the poor horny lads discuss whether or not they will meet any girls their own ages at their destination. And, nudge-nudge wink-wink, they exclaim in a fit of laughter that "By the time we get there we won't care HOW old they are!!" Ho ho ho, those young lads and there willingness to defile females from 3 to 93, sure is wholesome and sweet, Mr Disney!

Then, as luck would have it, they do stumble across a girl who is dressed as a boy in order to fool the pirates (girls, be ashamed of you genitalia!) and - ooh - the tension mounts (cue distasteful jokes regarding erect tent poles). My problem here is that the girl is fourteen. Now, I know it was the 'olden days' and all, but still - that's no excuse for that creepy boyish scuffle-cum-pseudo rape scene (no pun intended, yeech).

And don't tell me that I'm looking too far into it, as I've just read that the younger brother was subsequently fired by Disney for being gay. Mmmmhmmm. No doubt creepy scenes with a fourteen year old girl dressed as a boy contributed to that.

Oh, and Swiss? Swiss my arse. Half are Brits and half are Yanks, but there is not a Swiss in sight.

And now the formally childish fourteen year old girl has magically sprouted a rack and is sporting a just lovely corsetted dress. Oh, and she's getting it on with the 20-odd year old brother.

Get your hand off her arse, you dirty old man.


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