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Monday, August 15, 2005

Films (Not that anyone reads this, but if you do - then there are 'A Beautiful Mind' spoilers ahead)

I need to stop reading the 'opinions' on the IMDB message boards.

Last night, me and Matt watched A Beautiful Mind and it was fantastic. The film twisted and turned, and held onto my attention from start to finish. And, who would have thought that Riche Cunningham could create such a fantastic piece of film-mkaing? The atmosphere re-created pefectly the chaos within Nash's mind, so much that the question of reality vs. dillusion did became more and more impossible to answer.

But- you know - it won a Best Picture Oscar, so that must mean it is corporate Hollywood shit, right? No, not always. Although, I do agree that the Oscars are most likely rigged and are, essentially, a sexist and racist instition, but it does appears that in 2002 they got it right. Much, to my delight also, as there is a certain satisfaction in wiping off the grins of all those Lord Of The Rings geeks (tried extensively to find a link demonstrating the average LOTR fan's intelligence - and there are plenty of examples out there - but, jesus christ, opening that corner of the interenet is a scary, scary experience full of Aragorn/Ron Weasely porn fiction, guides for hunting orc and people who actually believe it is all true. I am frightened.). LOTR is below average - slightly entertaining, I suppose - but it is just NOT great film-making. It is mediocre at best. Cringey dialogue (okay, that's the novel - but still), one-dimensional characters, hollow acting, stereotypical direction, tedious action scenes... I am not a fan, as you can tell. Everytime I hear someone proclaim the trilogy as the greatest films ever made, I feel a little bit ill inside. It may be a nice, overblown, epic story and all - but that does NOT make it a fantastic film.

Anyway, enough with the hobbit bashing...

A Beautiful Mind was just excellent. If I was an optimistic woman then I may say that it has restored a little of my faith in Hollywood, but that - my friends - would be lying.


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