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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Trait . low score high score
Sociability 13% socially reserved, detached friendly, open
Aggressiveness 64% mild mannered, uncompetitive predatory, domineering
Assertiveness 60% introverted, loner controlling, aggressive
Activity Level 2% relaxed, laid back vigorous, high energy
Excitement-Seeking 37% sedate, restrained adventurous, wild
Enthusiasm 21% somber, pessimistic cheerful, optimistic
Trust 32% suspicious of others trusting of others
Submissiveness 58% rebellious, lawless dutiful, obedient, compliant
Altruism 22% selfish, cold, austere helpful, selfless, indulgent
Cooperation 7% argumentitive, confrontational conflict averse, meek
Modesty 16% arrogant, self-satisfied humble, unassuming, doormat
Sympathy 59% callous, heartless empathetic, warm
Confidence 79% not confident in work confident in work, egoistic
Neatness 68% disorganized, messy planner, clean, anal
Dutifulness 56% dishonest, derelict honest, rule abiding, proper
Achievement 16% lazy, unmotivated driven, goal oriented
Self-Discipline 29% procrastinator responsible, efficient
Cautiousness 80% spontaneous, daring, reckless careful, controlled, safe
Anxiety 75% relaxed, fearless fearful, worrier
Volatility 74% calm, cool touchy, tempermental
Depression 35% content, balanced emotional, self hating
Self-Consciousness 82% confident, assured low self esteem, shy
Impulsiveness 8% high self control low self control
Vulnerability 54% resilient, unphased confused, helpless
Imagination 79% practical, realistic dreamer, unrealistic
Artistic Interests 90% artistic indifference art, nature, beauty lover
Introspection 87% not self reflective self searching
Adventurousness 20% conventional, safe spontaneous, bold
Intellect 84% instinctive, non-analytical intellectual, analytical
Liberalism 94% conservative, traditional progressive, open

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